Brave New World

So, this is my first ever blog post. Quite a challenge, the scary sense of putting my thoughts “out there”. A bit like the challenge of counselling and psychotherapy for the client, where the invitation of the therapy room is to take the space to share what is going on for you – not just the events, but your thoughts and feelings about them. It takes trust, and that can take a while to build – why on earth would anyone share their private thoughts with a perfect stranger – and yet this process of risking, and saying out loud how it is for you, to someone who will listen and understand and accept you whatever you are experiencing, this is what heals. We keep our feelings buried at our peril. We stay closed in and shut down in an attempt to stay safe, and yet in doing this we damage ourselves. Take a step into a strange new world – tell someone who knows how to stay alongside you how it feels to be living your life right now. Be brave. Heal.Barbara Clarkson