Wind and Sea

Wind & Sea

On holiday recently, recovering from a particularly intense week or two, I was struck again by how important it is for our wellbeing and sense of self to connect with nature. Nothing new or mind blowing in itself, many people have spoken of the benefits of taking time outdoors, in green spaces, breathing “fresh air”. And still it is profoundly true. My experience of being physically, viscerally and somehow spiritually touched by wind and waves was uplifting at some wordless primal level – a reminder that some things are unchanging, beyond human, outside our control, wild and yet reassuring in their power. Taking time to be in the huge outdoor world of nature can help bring us back to earth, grounding us, putting our anxieties and stresses into perspective, even if only for a brief time. Do yourself a favour and make time to let the wind, waves, trees, mountains or sky settle your soul.